In Pursuit of Perfection


Skilled Artisans


Unlike large commercial labs, O'Daniel employs a small group of highly talented dental artisans. No assembly-line technicians here. We treat every restoration like a miniature work of art.


Our Certified and Master Aesthetic Technicians have years of experience, and receive advanced training in the latest technology and techniques to optimize patient outcomes. Ongoing education in occlusion, TMJ and aesthetics is accomplished through The Dawson Center (, the Las Vegas Institute (, the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (, and other organizations renowned for promoting excellence in dentistry.


Attention to Detail


Each O' Daniel restoration is handcrafted for optimal fit, function, and aesthetics, ensuring maximum longevity and patient satisfaction. Every restoration is meticulously contoured, shaded and detailed for the most natural appearance. Die trim, casting fit and marginal integrity are microscopically verified for consistently accurate results.


Personalized Service


We believe in working closely with dentists and their patients to ensure optimal results. We take into consideration both the dentist's and the patient's goals for treatment. Plus other aesthetic characteristics that may not readily translate on paper, or in molds or photos. This doctor-technician-patient interaction, or teamwork approach, is what distinguishes standard treatment from extraordinary results.


O'Daniel Dental Ceramics, Inc.

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