Most of our practices use the traditional impression technique, dentists are beginning to migrate to digital intra oral scanning systems.


O’Daniel Dental accepts most digital scanning systems and will be an active partner in your digital work flow.

When we receive your intraoral scan we employ the latest computer aided design and manufacturing techniques and equipment.


We are 3Shape Trios ready and receive those files through 3Shape connect.


For other systems just call us (248-626-8330) to initiate a connection or e-mail to

Digital Impressions

Functional and Cosmetic Case Criteria


Face bow transfer cases are routine in our lab. We work with several articulator systems, including Denar, Stratos and Artex. We have calibrators for each system to coordinate our articulators with those in the dental office to simplify shipping and aid communication. We have loaner face bows for our systems.


Our basic sequence for large/ complex cases:


Diagnostic/Pretreatment phase


Receive face bow transfer jig from office along with full arch model, counter model, bite records, photos and a detailed prescription of work to be done including treatment plan and patient's goals and complaints. Mount case model on requested articulator system, and verify mounting position and bite.


Case is pretreatment waxed up as requested.


When pretreatment wax-up is approved we can provide,


1). provisional restorations based on the wax-up, 2). a temp stint to speed chair side temporization.


For final restorations


Receive face bow transfer jig from office along with final impression, counter model, bite records, pre-op model, post-op temporary model and photos. Prepare models and dies, and pre-op models and articulate. Construct restorations as requested.


Any questions or concerns are discussed with the dentist as the case moves toward completion..



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